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title_leftABOUT US

Who We Are

A & R started its operation of Shipping vehicles from the USA to Middle Eastern countries in 2017. As a family-owned business, the company’s voice has been One and the same. Having the vision of providing the best customer service and to be the leading auto export company in the USA, PGL soon afterward launched its first version of PGLSystem Cargo and its mobile app for customers to be able to check the status of their vehicles and shipments. PGL then promised to offer nearly 24-7 customer service round the clock to customers.Furthermore, remaining true to our mission and vision A & R have hired 200+ employees to cater for customer service and work round the clock providing 24-7 support services.



Worldwide Clients



Logistics Locations


  • Great market response
  • 24-7 support services.

Our Mission

A & R mission is to maintain the best customer service possible to customers round the clock 24-7 in providing them peace of mind throughout the journey of their vehicles

Our Vision

A & R vision is to be leaders in the international shipping services and to acquire its own cargo ships, cargo planes, and having expanded in all over the world.


Benefits of Logistics services


Affordable Cost

A & R Logistics services provide cost-effective solutions for businesses by optimizing transportation


Shot Time Delivery

One of the primary advantages of logistics services is the ability to ensure timely and prompt delivery of goods.


Tracking Moving

Logistics services often come equipped with advanced tracking and monitoring systems.


Customer Support

A key component of logistics services is the provision of robust customer support