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Towing Services

Towing Services

We provide Towing and Transport Service for your Cars from any Auction Point or
location to any of the Loading Facility in USA.

When you find yourself stranded on the road, our reliable towing services are just a call away. At Peace Global Logistics, we understand the stress that comes with vehicle breakdowns, and our team is dedicated to providing prompt and efficient towing solutions.

Emergency Towing

Available 24/7, our emergency towing services ensure that help is on the way whenever you need it.

Roadside Assistance

From flat tires to lockouts, our roadside assistance team is equipped to handle a variety of issues with speed and professionalism.

Vehicle Recovery

Our skilled team can assist in recovering your vehicle, providing peace of mind after an accident or off-road mishap.

24/7 Availability

We operate around the clock to be there for you in any towing emergency, day or night.

Flatbed Towing

For added safety and security, we offer flatbed towing services for all types of vehicles.

Other Services

You choose the cities where you’d like to deliver. All deliveries are within a specific service area
and delivery services vary by location. Whatever the mode or requirement, we will find and book
the ideal expedited shipping solution to ensure a timely delivery.